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Building Strong Partnerships

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Knoxville College and the Mechanicsville Community Association are partnering with each other to bring education, economic empowerment, and housing equity back to the once thriving community of Mechanicsville.

On July 8th both organizations met to discuss this collaborative process, and elaborate on what each organization could bring to the table to support the initiative. Both organizations have been instrumental in the survival of the community. The current interim president of Knoxville College Leonard Adams, states that “without Mechanicsville there would be No Knoxville College, and without  Knoxville College there would be No Mechanicsville.” Which is reflective of the long-lasting relationship both organizations have had over the years.

IP-Adams shared that he would like to re-establish this collaborative relationship to help support the rebranding and restructuring of Mechanicsville and Knoxville College. Knoxville College is determined to support the revitalization of the Mechanicsville Community through its newly developed strategic plan and workforce effort.

Vice President of the Community Association, David Gillett, states that it just makes good sense for both organizations to work together for a common cause, which is to educate, empower, and build upon the economic wealth of the community.

The meeting garnered many ideas about how the organizations can begin to partner on current events. A leadership team of members from both organizations was developed, and they will begin working on future collaborative community events.

The team will work this year on merging some of the events during the Mechanicsville and Knoxville College’s Homecoming celebrations to help ensure the input of both organizations are secured. Knoxville College and the Mechanicsville Community Association are dedicated to fostering a positive and productive relationship to help ensure the advancement of our missions and elevate our community to the next level of success.

One Team, One Vision.

For additional information please contact Michael [email protected][email protected]

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